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The Latest Updates from Jason Edwards, National Geographic Photographer.

Over Manipulation, The Photographic Standard

I have to be honest. Over manipulation in photography is something that truly grinds my gears. Those who know me will know how much I bemoan the use of digital tools to ‘get the shot.’ So whenever I see photographic events such as World Press make a stand against the over-manipulation of images I see the pendulum swing a little more in favour of re-legitimising photography.

From the outset, I’m not attacking fashion, advertising or art photographers, and in reality I’m not really attacking any photographic genre, but I do struggle with individuals who claim to be documentary, reportage or landscape photographers but then completely alter their RAW files. Yes, that’s what the sky “really looked like!”

Jason Edwards in Tonga

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The Year In Review, 2015.

‘The year in review.’ An odd and perplexing concept that most of us undertake in one form or another. Sometimes we watch ‘News’ specials that flashback to all the tragedies of the year sprinkled with the occasional baby animal. Sometimes we run from the year hoping and praying the next will be better, and occasionally we take the time to thoughtfully reflect on our achievements in both our business and personal lives.

I’ve attempted all of the above to varying degrees of success but generally I’ll practice some reflection, mix in a little self-flagellation, followed by joy in my achievements. It’s my way of hitting the ground running in the New Year full of energy and determination not to have the same list haunting me in twelve months time. I love my career, the travel, the photography and above all the journey. It’s a way of life that requires a fair amount of cerebral energy.

From my Family to yours Happy Holidays

From my Family to yours
Happy Holidays

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The 2015 Travel Photography Scholarship to Peru

Well it’s that time again, the menacing two-week deadline to get your entries into the Travel Photography Scholarship for 2015 and the Amazon Basin.

Jason Edwards Peruvian River

Two weeks sounds like a lot of time but in my experience, and my assistant Katie will vouch for this, it will disappear in a blink and frustration, disappointment and stress is all that will be left you. I know this territory well because it’s pretty much where I find myself every time there’s an event I’m keen to partake in. The clock seems to countdown faster, files won’t load, and there’s more information required than I thought was necessary. At the end I’m a stressed-out ball of anxiety, painful to be around and all the fun has gone out of the exercise. It’s happened many times before and will happen many times again so please learn from my mistake. Well at least some of you may learn because a lot of you will invariably crash the World Nomads server on the final night! Read more »

Why Destroying Your Workflow is a Good Thing – Part Two

Last week in part one of this two part tale of workflow woes I talked about the importance of re-assessing your workflow from time to time to see if it could be improved. This week I continue the tale of how we got it wrong and the lessons we hope to share from our mistakes.

I mentioned last week that Katie (my executive assistant) knows my editorial preferences well. Our working relationship over the years has evolved such that I trust her judgment most of the time and she criticises me for mine frequently. It is what has kept us working well as a team for a long time now. So we instigated a change in our standard workflow and she edited a major assignment to speed up the process in my absence. Read more »

Why Destroying Your Workflow is a Good Thing – Part One

There are plenty of industry catchphrases thrown around especially in photography stores, at trade shows and in workshops. Most are jargon but the importance of ‘workflow’ cannot be understated, primarily because it’s a major element in photography that has the potential to cost or save you money, or even destroy your sanity.

However, this is not a blog post that espouses the perfect workflow because I don’t believe there’s one ideal method for transferring those special moments, keeping them safe and sharing them with loved-ones and clients. Most people will do it a little differently but what’s important is how you shake it up from time to time, to see if you can do things better, even if it sends the train careening off the rails! Read more »